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Let US Pay YOUR Rent!

As a thank you to all those people that have come to see the show so far (and all those that have yet to come,) we are announcing a contest!

Thanks to a private donor we are offering to pay your Rent* for a month, just for you coming and checking out our show!

SO, if you’ve come and seen the show already, we thank you – and we have your contact information through Presentation House.

If you have yet to come see the show we have a ballot box that you can pop your e-mail address into. We will be drawing the winner on closing night – August 30th, 2009

Get your tickets soon before they’re all gone!

*We will be giving the winner $750.00 for their rent.


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Announcing the Rent Lottery!

We’re thrilled to announce that a limited number of $15 seats will be available for all performances of RENT. The tickets will be drawn through a lottery one and a half  hours before all shows. Please see below for the rules. Please note that tickets are for partial view seats on the side of the stage.

RENT Lottery POLICY: Each day, two hours prior to show time (12:00 p.m. for 2:00 p.m. matinees; 11:30am  for 1:30 p.m. matinees; 5:00 p.m. for 7:00 PM performances; 6:00 p.m. for 8:00 p.m. performances), people who present themselves at the Presentation House box office will have their names placed in a raffle drum. Thirty minutes later, names will be drawn at random for 10 seats at $15.00 each. Winners must be present in order to win and this lottery is available only in-person at the box office, with a limit of 2 tickets per person. Winners must provide photo ID at the time of purchase. Only one entry is allowed per person.

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Reviews Are In!

While there are still some reviews to be published, here are some of our favourite quotes from the ones that have been already:

From Colin Thomas of the Georgia Straight:

“Rent is full of infectious enthusiasm”

“Director Ryan Mooney has cast some tremendous talent.” 

“Anton Lipovetsky delivered a performance of charismatic enthusiasm and DeCarlo seductively filled in Roger’s moody rock-star contours. Both singers execute their roles’ vocal pyrotechnics with admirable ease.”

“As Joanne, Jenn Suratos combines a powerful voice and powerful stillness. Jacqueline Breakwell’s Maureen is deliciously sexy, assured, and playful. Joanne and Maureen’s duet, “Take Me as I Am”, is a highlight of this production.”

“Cesar Erba’s falsetto rings pure as Angel”

“Everybody in this cast gives their all. That enthusiasm is infectious and there’s a lot of excellent work here”

From Peter Birnie of the Vancouver Sun:

“Fighting Chance Productions puts up its dukes, comes out swinging and scores a knockout with a raucous Rent that rocks the cramped confines of Presentation House Theatre. The show that started ‘way off Broadway in 1996 before becoming an international hit now returns to its humble roots, feeling far more current and even electric than it has in years.”

“Fighting Chance reaches the right notes in every case. Ryan Mooney directs a stellar cast of young talent, many of the 15 people on stage so good as to beggar belief that their professional credentials are still pretty slim.”

“Nick Fontaine, for example, brings a singing voice of deep, rich resonance to the role of Tom Collins, lending a great basso timbre to such songs as Santa Fe. Fontaine’s solid work as Collins is beautifully counterpointed by Cesar Erba as Tom’s lover Angel, whose shining countenance belies the pain inside this HIV-positive bright light of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.”

“Anton Lipovetsky has all the beans needed to project the eager energy of this bright-eyed videographer”

“Jenn Suratos and Jacqueline Breakwell, as lesbian lovers Joanne and Maureen, offer exactly the right tone to their pairing —Suratos singing with ringing clarity and Breakwell knowing just how to nail the inherent overeager “artistry” of Maureen’s hilariously awful performance piece, Over the Moon.”

“Both Craig DeCarlo as Roger and Christine Quintana as Mimi are fully in command of their character”

From Mark Robins,

“The Fighting Chance Productions version currently playing at Presentation House in North Vancouver is so obviously full of passion and great performances that it still manages to rock.”

“Where this production really shined, due in a large part to Director Ryan Mooney, was in eliciting some powerful performances from his actors in the smaller, more intimate numbers.”

“The most pleasant surprise during the evening was Nick Fontaine’s voice as one certainly did not expect such a full and almost blues-like sound to come from this young man and indeed his I’ll Cover You Reprise almost had me searching for my tissues.”

“Other highlights included the Lipovetsky and Suratos duet Tango Maureen and Breakwell’s hilarious turn as performance artist in Over The Moon.”

“The full company nails both of the more memorable tunes from the show: La Vie Bohème and Seasons of Love and special mention must go to Cathy Wilmot for both her overall ensemble work and her Seasons of Love solo”

From Matt DiMera,

“Trying to pick the high point of the show is near-impossible, as there are so many from which to choose.”

“Jacqueline Breakwell’s Maureen is fiery hot and oozes sex appeal. My theatre companion was completely and utterly enamoured with her. Jenn Suratos as Maureen’s current girlfriend is a great foil to Maureen’s ex-boyfriend Mark in “Tango Maureen.””

“Anton Lipovetsky is boyish and likeable as Mark and Kholby Wardell drips attitude as Mark’s yuppified ex-roommate Benny.”

“Craig DeCarlo as Roger has a voice made for rock and easily powers through his multiple numbers.”

“Nick Fontaine’s Tom Collins and Cesar Erba’s Angel are an adorable couple, and their voices are perfectly complementary in “I’ll Cover You.”

“Ryan Mooney and Fighting Chance Productions are persistently making a name for themselves as real contenders in local theatre and Rent will only further that cause.”

From Mark Robins,

“So obviously full of passion and great performances that it still manages to rock.”

“Where this production really shined, due in a large part to Director Ryan Mooney, was in eliciting some powerful performances from his actors in the smaller, more intimate numbers.”

“The most pleasant surprise during the evening was Nick Fontaine’s voice as one certainly did not expect such a full and almost blues-like sound to come from this young man and indeed his I’ll Cover You Reprise almost had me searching for my tissues.”

“Highlights included the Lipovetsky and Suratos duet Tango Maureen and Breakwell’s hilarious turn as performance artist in Over The Moon.”

“The full company nails both of the more memorable tunes from the show: La Vie Bohème and Seasons of Love and special mention must go to Cathy Wilmot for both her overall ensemble work and her Seasons of Love solo”

“One of Vancouver’s most accomplished actors said during an intermission discussion it is simply enough to see groups like Fighting Chance Productions take chances and tackle a show like Rent.  With theatre in Vancouver during the summer almost non-existent, coupled with the relatively small ticket price, the trip across the bridge is worth it.”

From John Jane,

“Overall, the undertaking is successful mainly due to the quirky and charmingly nebbish performance of Anton Lipovetsky as Mark who steered the show through his central narrative role.”

“The biggest surprise of the night (at least to me) was Christine Quintana. Ms Quintana takes on what is arguably the toughest role and is emphatically feline as the drug-addled exotic dancer Mimi Marquez. In the raunchy strip bar scene, her rendition of “Out Tonight” makes one of show’s songs – unforgettable.”

“Other performers worthy of special mention are Cesar Erba as Angel Dumott the flamboyant transsexual with a big heart and Nick Fontaine as Angel’s love interest (the unimaginatively named) Tom Collins. Their duet “I’ll Cover You” (I’ll be your lover) re-vitalized things on stage just when it was needed.”

“The mercurial Maureen (Jacqueline Breakwell) and her lesbian partner, the complicated and temperamental Joanne (Jenn Suratos) share the most dynamic and emotionally charged relationship. The pair really sizzle n’ fizzle with their passionate sparring in the second act song “Take Me or Leave Me.”

“Mimi Abraham and Tracey Lynn Chernaske’s deliberately austere set fits perfectly with the gloomy plight of Rent’s characters. The combined efforts of Christine Quintana, Jacqueline Breakwell and Rielle Braid taking on the additional responsibility of the production’s clothing proffered both imagination and flair”

From Mercedes Grant, The Vancouver Observer

“From the vibrant opening number of the first song, called simply “Rent,” it is apparent that this cast of performers are eager, excited, nervous and quite obviously, talented.”

“With such a varied group of performers, from the husky, intense voice of Craig DeCarlo (Roger Davis), to Cesar Erba’s confidently flamboyant Angel Dumott Schunard and the irrepressible Jacqueline Breakwell as the passionate and exasperating Maureen Johnson, one can only imagine the fun these folks have been having rehearsing and toiling for Rent.”

“The musical talent is multi-dimensional both in the range of the performers voices and in the sound of the Rent House Band, led by Musical Director, Sarah Jaysmith.”  

“The sound resonates throughout the theatre, accompanying Jenn Suratos suffering-for-love lawyer, Joanne Jefferson and Anton Lipovetsky’s spirited filmmaker Mark Cohen, in the fantastic number, “Tango Maureen,” all the way through Christine Quintana’s sensual introduction to Roger Davis as exotic dancer and AIDS infected Mimi Marquez in “Light My Candle.”

“Cathy Wilmot, who plays a number of different characters, shines in each role with a voice that will knock you off your feet and Kholby Wardell is convincingly slick in his suit as Benjamin Coffin III.”

“The atmosphere is achieved by uncomplicated lighting and set pieces with the help of Graham Ockley, Mimi Abraham and Tracy Lynn Chernaske, with the performers kitted out in costume styling by a few of the multi-talented cast ladies.”

“While the entire cast is strongly suited to each role, you can still feel the nervous excitement of a group of actors on the verge of breaking through. Each performer becomes stronger and progressively more comfortable with his or her voice as the storyline progresses, leading to a jubilant and thrilling finale. For the characters of Rent there may be “No Day but Today,” but for the performers, the future is looking awfully bright.”

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Ryan Mooney – Director

Well we had our first preview last night. It went well by most standards. I would say that 90% of the audience probably noticed about 5% of the technical issues. I was so excited to have an audience, all day long I just had this strange energy that I couldn’t seem to get rid of. It’s subdued slightly today – but I’m sure it’ll pick up when I head over to the theatre in a couple of hours.

6536_251978960159_611665159_8241191_3079088_nI have never, ever worked on something of this size and scope. Rent’s not an epic show in the way that Phantom or Les Miserables might be seen – but it’s epic in a totally different way. I can’t think of a show in the last thirty years that has had this type of impact on a generation.

We were part of the Gay Pride parade on Sunday – and the feeling was something akin to being a rock star. People screamed when we went by, sang along, danced in the street. Lots of people came up asking for photos and such with the cast as we inched our way through downtown. It was an incredible feeling and really hit home, for me anyways, how important this musical is to so many people.

We have one more preview tonight and then it’s opening tomorrow. Oh, did I mention we were sold out last night – and tonight too? Cuz we are 🙂

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Cathy Wilmot – Ensemble (Mrs. Jefferson, Seasons of Love Soloist, Bag Lady) / Joanne Understudy

6536_251979105159_611665159_8241210_2305742_nWe are 2 days away from opening and we just had our first preview last night. Everything is going SO well. We have a few minor glitches with sound and new elements, but this show is going to be unbelievable. I can’t believe that we are at this point. It feels like such a journey we have all been on, and now the payoff of the live performances are here. All of us are raring to go. There is this electric feeling in the theater that we are in the midst of something so very special. I think when you see it you will feel it too!
Those that haven’t got them yet…what are you waiting for. We’re nearly sold out.

No Day But Today!

Love Cathy

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Cesar Erba – “Angel”

EDITOR’S NOTE: this blog was posted a couple of days late. Our bad.

Ticket, tickets, get your tickets! Tickets are fly at the box office. Wow,
I still can’t believe we have a few days till our first preview on August
4th. My heart is ecstatic This is the first show I’m actually playing a6256_133550890481_573410481_3711904_4807359_n
principal role, and what better than to do it with, I’m sure we’ve said
this enough, but such a talented and loving cast, and what better company
than Fighting Chance Productions. I mean the title says it all. This truly
is a dream come true.

We had our final rehearsal on Sunday the 26th, and it was great to really
see that this show is really coming together. I’m just still amazed on how
a beautiful story like this can be told in such a creative and loving way.
I always tend to wonder what went through Jonathan Larsen’s head when he
was writing and composing RENT. Funny enough you think the music should be
driving all of us mad, cause we’ve had to hear it constantly for the past
two months, and will have to continue to hear it for another, but I love
it. For me it’s a thrill to hear powerful fresh voices rocking these songs
every rehearsal. The great things is, as an actor you get to do it
different every time, and really discover things about the character and
yourself every time you sing, or hear the show’s songs! And that for me
alone is a roller coaster ride. A good and health brand of ecstasy. I’m
mean I’ve never done ecstasy, or any kind of drugs, but I’m guessing
that’s why people get so hooked to it.

Pride is on Sunday August the 2nd, and we shall be promoting the show that
day with pride, and then we will all run to the theater afterward for our
first tech rehearsal. Can’t wait! I’m really excited for everyone to come
see the show, it’s gonna be quite an adventure.

Hope everyone is enjoying the extremely HOT summer, and drinking lots of
water! And remember LIVE, LOVE, AND LAUGH! Your all beautiful, and be
proud of it!

Much Love,

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Press! Press! Press!

Check out these awesome blog & newspaper articles about Rent!

Courtesy of the North Shore News:

Courtesy of the Vancouver Province:

Courtesy of Matthew at

Courtesy of the guys at Gay

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Christine Quintana “Mimi”

5208_135626186354_642996354_3665385_5941372_nIt’s hard to believe we are now just one week away from opening – the songs have been learned, choreography mastered, and all the other aspects are coming into place as we move into the theatre this weekend.  I think the most important part of putting on this show has been discovered as well – the chemistry.  I’ve been doing theatre for years now, and I’ve never been in a cast this close and trusting before.  In the last episode of Rent in Vancouver on youtube, Cesar said going to rehearsal was like coming home, and I completely agree.  I can’t imagine a more beautiful, vibrant, talented group of people to share this experience with than this cast, and I am so excited to step on stage with them to share this story.
Over the last few weeks it seems like so many things have happened, ‘real life things’ – couples breaking up, friends passing away, people hating their jobs and making big changes – and it’s a reminder that Jonathan Larson was wise beyond his years when he wrote ‘no day but today’.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress and pressure of life (who’s ready for tech weekend?!) but it’s so important to remember that there truly is no other day but today.  Every night I step on stage I will be so grateful for the chance to perform in this incredible show, I will be reminded to enjoy every minute I can with the people I love.
It’s onwards now to a few whirlwind public appearances, last minute costume fittings, media interviews, technical rehearsals, dresses, previews, and opening night – here goes….

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Exciting Announcement – COMING SOON!

Hey everyone,

We’ll have a very exciting announcement in the next day or so, and we’ll be announcing it here on the blog… hopefully you’ll keep checking back so we can share it with you…

Just not yet!
Cast & Crew of RENT

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A Blog Entry

For those of you who follow our Facebook group you know we did a contest that – if you bought tickets in advanced – would get you the chance to win the opportunity to attend a Rent rehearsal. One such fan won and here’s his account.

‘Rent’ is about to blow the doors off the Vancouver Musical Theatre scene. Five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes … how many ways can you measure … a show? Well, tonight I had the chance … thanks to the innovative marketing of Ryan 5691_111426281401_521651401_2795418_7701164_nMooney and his troupe at Fighting Chance Productions. I had bought my tickets early just so my name could be entered into a draw to watch a rehearsal. Great marketing on so many levels … When I opened my email last week to read that I had been chosen to come to a ‘Rent’ rehearsal and could bring three of my friends, I was thrilled but had no idea what to expect. Of course, I was familiar with the story line but couldn’t imagine what Ryan would pull out of his hat in order to put his unique stamp on the show. I called Archdeacon Al Hosking, patron of the Arts, Helen Volkow, actor and almost-charter-member of Studio 58, and Gail Urquhart, president of Royal City Musical Theatre … and off we went to watch the first musical rehearsal with the orchestra of the Vancouver production of ‘Rent’. Holy guitars, Batman! Vancouver is in for one hell of a treat! From the moment the drummer and three guitarists tore into the first bars of the opening … to the haunting chord progressions from the keyboards of the final number, I was left in tears, begging for more. I was on the edge of my seat with emotion. Where does such talent come from? There wasn’t one weak voice in the cast! A few of the actors were familiar to me as anchors of the Musical Theatre scene, but the majority of fresh faces left me marvelling at the talent pool available. My hat is off to Ryan Mooney. The things he has done in this town constantly leave me wondering how we are so lucky to have people like him in Vancouver. The pictures I have posted do little to convey the magic spell that is woven by this cast. We were privileged to be able to see the looks on their faces as … they too for the first time … heard the five incredible musicians playing with the expertise and verve reserved for groups three times the size. This show is a must see for everyone. I remember well the group of University friends who pulled up in front of my house to cart me off to Woodstock. I remember well the Beatles concerts. I can guarantee you that I will remember well the day that ‘Rent’ came to Vancouver and the day that my name was drawn to attend a rehearsal. Vancouver history is being made as we speak. Don`t you dare miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Remember Woodstock? Ever wish you were there? Randy McCormick, July 22th, 2009

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